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A love to last all seasons
by Yvette

What can I do when loneliness stikes deep in my heart 'cause
we're always apart?How can I cope when I lose all hope,
'cause life is not fair when I
can't be there in your arms?
This affair is so wrong,I feel
so torn to do the right thing
but I'm frightened of a life
without you.The love you
inspire has taken me higher
than I've ever been.Do you feel the same,or am I insane?
It's worth all the pain when
you hold me so close and love
me so well.Am I going to hell
for love?In a world fill of wars and hate,can love be a sin 'cause I wear someone else's ring?I have to believe your path crossed mine for a
reason,a love to last all seasons.You've given me love
without sorrow,you've brightened all my tomorrow's and how can that be wrong?

by Mandy Caruana

My Knight in shining armour
your kit has turned to rust
I thought you were the man for me
the "one" that I could trust

You came across as gallant
sincere, and very deep
but time would show your
true colours
You are feeble shallow and weak

I thought you were my Tarzan
my Romeo, my lover
but you proved to be a deceitful cad
who caused my soul to shudder!

Don't you have a conscience
are you void of any guilt?
Doesn't your desire for lustful indiscretions
ever start to wilt?

Climb down from your Ivory Tower
Saddle up your horse
go in search of a good solicitor
it's time we got divorced!

FINAL CALL/an affair........
by debra

Sometimes people change as seasons do
I don't know how to get over you
The memories of my secret love
Is something I felt unworthy of

Always there to fulfill my pleasure
This is something I will always treasure
I know loving you was wrong
But these feelings for you are strong

You have your family and I have mine
But the love we made was truly divine
All great thing must come to an end
And I will always remain your best friend

Although the distance between us is space
We will always have our secret place
Because in my heart you will stay
From now until my dying day

Not trying to correct anything
For all I did I feel no shame
The only ones we hurt was us
So that leaves no room for disgust

We found it hard to say goodbye
This is all I can do, but cry
Cry for the love I found and lost
Because I could not afford the cost

Your family really needed you there
And I won't pretend, I did care
Care for the well being of all
So this my friend is my final call.

Who Shall I tell First? A poem of loving two...and having to let them both go
by Melissa McCartney

To look him straight in his eyes;
To tell him the last of my lies,

To say I'm in love with another,
How could I keep this under cover?

To say to him I'm in love times two
More so him, than you.

And, as we drive in his new car,
I wonder how I let this go so far.

As I watch his perfect self walk by,
I wonder how I could lie and lie.

The truth is what I must now tell,
And as I talk, he wishes he were in hell.

Now another I must talk to;
There is much more pain I'll cause and I'll do.

How much hurt I've had to cause;
Just because I was having fun and would not pause.

I love you both, I always will;
To start this over, I would kill.

Now he can listen to me apologize;
As he listens he holds back, but cries.

How I loved you so,
I never wanted to let you go!

But, I was selfish though,
Now every night I'll think of how I could go this low.

To dish out so much pain,
How could I become this insane?

Who shall I tell first?

Letting Go
by tina34l

For the past couple of days.Time has stood still in this loveless marriage.Both of us know in our heart what choice we must make.We married for all the wrong reasons thinking in time we would grow to love each other.In the morning time we would speak words of kindness and shared many compassionate tasks for the sake of our children.
But as the sun begun to set in the west and the coldness of the night appeared our attempt as a happy family ends once again.Words of frustration and anger fill the air as the same routine begins.
Your heart has grown fond of another and I see you whisper loving thoughts to your internet lover.The glow on your face and the radiant smile makes me wish I could take her place.Friends tell me to fight for our marriage but what good will it do when your heart belongs to another and we never had that kind of love to support our family foundation.So today we make time move forward and we let go of the loneliness we feel because saying goodbye is the best thing either one of us could do and all for the right reasons.


I dont know how I met you, I dont know why, I cant turn around and say goodbye. All I know Is when I'm with you, you set me free, I hope you feel the same for me,Its hard to explain how I feel for you, but my love for you is all so true, Our relationship will be scarred with pain and regret, but this is one affair I wont forget, we go through so much to be with one another, Is it all worth I sometimes wonder, Our hearts dont lie, and they'll never deny if its wasnt worth it, we would of said our goodbyes, You make me feel so free, my heart for you skips a beat, when I'm with you I'm in heat.Attempted not to fall for you, its too late, I want you,caught in a dream I may so be,but where I am is like heaven to me. The passion I feel and burn for you everyday, I dont know if I should but I really want to say,for the pain I'd gain if you refuse, loving you Is what I choose.....

A Love That Hurts
by Yolanda

Since the first kiss I knew
There was something more for us
We explored our feelings and found it true
This thing between us grew
Two problems came to mind
Your wife and my husband
Why is life so tricky
Why did we meet so late
Are we mean't to be
Is that why we found each other
We take every stolen moment we can
Still there are times when we are places surrounded by people who know us husband and wife to others
Do you know how I ache to tell them
To proclaim my love for you to all
I love you so much I want to touch you
Restraint is so hard
I want everyone to be happy for us
Can they be
Would your friends think you were lucky to have me
Or would they condem me and you
I know my friends would see me as the luckiest lady alive
They would have to
It is impossible for anyone not see how wonderful,excitable, and full of life you are
That is why I fell in love with you
I know why we have to keep it a secret
I just want you to know
I would not be in turmoil if I truly was not in love with you
I want to share your life
Now I take what ever few minutes we can steal
I am not disillusioned
I know I will probably never have you for my own
I am so grateful for our intimate times, your kisses, and your soft caring sensitive ways
I shall go on with my life
With you a part of it as long as it lasts
Then I shall go to my grave with sweet memories and tears
For the love I was born for is committed elsewhere
I do not want to make you feel bad
I love you too much for that
Love hurts...
When we can't be free
When we can't be together as lovers should be
I just have to proclaim my love for you even though only your and my eyes will see this
My heart hurts
I do love you
I would give the world to you if I could
You are everything right and good
Your wife is very lucky and I am envious
I wished I had found you first
Please always remember me

Affair Of The Heart
by greeneyes

Imagine, you and I looking deep into one another's soul, you gazing into my eyes as thoughts start to unfold.

Embracing one another as only the two of us can.

Hearts and emotions that have been bottled up for so long that neither of us can withstand.

You are my rock, my love for a lifetime, but alas, you are not fully mine.

Your life belongs to another, mine in another lifetime.

You say how much you love me, as you express your heartfelt sorrow and pain.

Home is not what it once was, and you feel the need to be with me today.

Our stolen moments, are so passionate indeed, you need my love, so that you can succeed.

You promise me a future,
where we can become one, together completely united, in body, mind and soul.

It sounds so magical, just what I need to hear,

but what are those sounds I am hearing, as those thoughts fade away and disappear?

I express my fears and reservations, about you and I becoming one. Stating, that maybe, you should stay, try and work things out, find out where issues lay.

You say, "No,"
That things there are dead.

I ask if things have a chance to be rekindled and you shake your head.

So I am putting my trust in you, leaving my fears astray.

To see our future, as it unfolds and leave what comes at may.

Excerpt from Gerald Gould's "Monogamy"

'This is the horror that, night after night,
Sits grinning on my pillow -- that I meant
To mix the peace of being innocent
With the warm thrill of seeking out delight:
This is the final blasphemy, the blight
On all pure purpose and divine intent --
To dress the selfish thought, the indolent,
In the priest's sable or the angel's white.

For God's sake, if you sin, take pleasure in it,
And do it for the pleasure. Do not say:
`Behold the spirit's liberty! -- a minute
Will see the earthly vesture break away
And God shine through.' Say: `Here's a sin -- I'll sin it;
And there's the price of sinning -- and I'll pay.'

'Poetry for Cheaters' by D. Reid Wallace

"Poetry about adultery? Now that's an uncommon perspective, is what lots of folks say about my work. Actually, my decision to use poetry seemed entirely natural because of the expressed emotions revealed in my interviews with men and women engaged in secret love affairs. Their candor helped me identify the complex issues of infidelity as well as the pain and pleasure of the experience." - D. Reid Wallace.

Excerpted from 'Stolen Love : Poetry for Cheaters' by D. Reid Wallace.

20 lbs.

I forgot to care about Having grown so round Nobody was asking for My hand in marriage or My body in bed So why diet down 20 lbs?
Then, the right place At the right time A chance encounter Made me remember What's been forgot. Agreed to, and see you Over and over again. With undivided attention You have yet to mention That I should diet down 20 lbs.
I know you're not staying Not paying bills, raising my kids Or giving me your name; But there is something of value I can happily claim: Your caring way with me More meaningful than it sounds Was just the motivation I needed To diet down 20 lbs.

Holidays and Weekends

Used to love holidays and weekends Times to relax and let down, spent with friends But now all they are is a countdown until time away from you ends. My closest friend, Alan, is the only one who knows When I appear preoccupied where my thoughts go; In my mind we can be together Whenever and wherever I choose Doesn't equal the real thing but it gets me through The weekend, that seems to come around so fast, If only our time together could seem as long to last.
It's comfort to know you're also sad, thinking as I do Misery like this needs company What better partner in crime than you. Thanksgiving and Christmas Remind me, how thankful I am for the gift Of a wonderful, special someone anxiously Waiting, to share lusty love and secret sex.
Let's see, there are 104 Saturdays and Sundays And eleven holidays to make us melancholy, too Living two lives the way we do Weekends and holidays, I spend time missing you.

My Psychic Says

My psychic says you're up to no good Says you've bedded more women than any normal man could My psychic says you'll hurt me one day and I should stay away From the likes of you.
My psychic says you're just foolin' Around with my heart That I should get smart About getting in too deep Stop losing sleep Over the likes of you.
My psychic says your wife's just fine In other circumstances she'd be a friend of mine My psychic says she, too, is often blue Putting up with the likes of you.
But my psychic doesn't know everything She doesn't know the thrill Having you brings Doesn't know how risking discovery Makes stealing love with you Pure reverie.
She can't know because she can't see How to make her own life better Never mind me!
So I think I'll ignore her warning and meet you tomorrow morning Because I couldn't care less about what my psychic says.


She cried and I lied as I promised to let you go. I've hurt her again, seems there's no end to the pain I've caused. I feel bad, but still
I can't stay away from you I'm crazy for your touch, need you so much You've taken hold of my heart, and still
She cares for me, in her our children see the ideal mother, and so do I. I can never deny what she brings to our lives, She's like all good wives, I'm damn lucky, but still
I want what's not mine; whenever there's time, I knowingly betray her trust. I must have you in my life even though So much of who I am is bound up in This marriage I once believed was all I needed.
But now the feeling's no longer there, and I don't want to share a life of duty instead. So I'm selfish enough
To risk it all whenever you call and say you'll see me Still

Not Guilty Enough

You seem to disapprove when I tell you truthfully That I don't let a guilty conscience bother me. I'm no hypocrite I know what I'm out here to do want to contact your for some extramaritial fun, you can answer quickly and not miss out on the booty call! It is so easy to find sex in you So I won't say I feel bad Just sad, watching you suffer So here's the question I offer: What good is guilt if it doesn't keep you at home?

Last best day

'Everything was perfect, couldn't have been better That's why I cried so when I got his letter It was the best it's ever been. Let's end it on that note, So we can remember the loving, wonderful way We spent our time together,' Was his suggestion. I couldn't see it that way at first, but perhaps in time I'll see the good in his approach But it doesn't take the pain away Or mend a heart that's breaking It was a clean break the decent man I loved was making.

by Mandy Caruana

We willingly jumped into Satan's snare
a forbidden love, an adulterous affair

But did you delve deep
into that frenzied-passionate abyss
or were you just lusting
for a meaningless tryst?

Because You Stay With Her
by dwampler

Sitting here thinking of you and wishing you were here,
But knowing you are with her and holding her in your arms,
You say you love me,
Need me,
Crave me,
So if thats true tell me why you stay with her?

You say I am your soulmate and you should be with me,
I feel the same but if thats true for you,
Tell me again why do you stay with her?

I run errands for you during the day for she says she has not the time,
You hold me in your arms every chance that you get,
So why is it again you stay with her?

You say I make you happier than you have ever been,
You say you couldn't live your life without me in it,
So again tell me why do you stay with her?

You complete my life as I complete yours,
But I have decided I am leaving you,
Because you stay with her

by Benzetti

What have I done?
The frail envelope of my life is opened
Nothing I feel seems real
Orgasmic flow of hearts to the center of a being

What have I done?

Moments of sinful pleasure
Hours of happy bliss
She is wholly mine yet I know I may never possess her
I have traded an hour for a lifetime
The guilt I feel consumes me in its sorrow
I am torn between what I want and what I wish

What have I done?

I find myself at a point in time needle sharp with my sins
Driven into the fabric of my life
Ripping, tearing, sundering the tapestry of my love
Long have I labored only to forsake it

What have I done?

I am no longer worthy to hold a heart
I am breaking hers who stood there with me
And I must break the heart of the one who freed me
Both gave their love unselfishly

What have I done?

Defiled . . . .
Degraded . . .
Betrayed . .
What have I done ?

For Now . . . I Can Only Dream
by Marigrace Iodice

For now...I can only dream,
Wish and fantasize,
Hoping my vision of HIM forms
As I close my eyes.
He holds me close and tight
But with a gentle touch,
The desire to have HIM here
Becomes too much.
His eyes and soul meet mine
Every time we embrace,
Passions collide as our bodies touch,
And my heart begins to race.
Knees buckle, palms sweat,
Goose bumps down my spine
My pulse quickens as I unwind.
And then, I shutter to feel,
Just what this may be like
If it was real!

For now...I can only dream
Of a passionate kiss,
A vision of the past
That I've come to reminisce.
I hear his whispers
His breath on my ear,
He's so far away
But I long to have HIM near.
How could this happen?
A desire so strong,
I know deep in my heart
To me he could never belong.
He's everything I've ever wanted
But he's not single,
My morals and standards will prevent our lives
To ever intermingle.

For now...I can only dream
That he would walk through my door,
Life is so short...
But he's worth waiting for.
He's my one desire
So deep within,
A night together
Would be a cardinal sin.
A night of loving making
Could only be fantasy,
But how I would love
To make it a reality.
In my heart and mind
This is just an illusion,
Thinking this could ever be real
Is just a delusion.
I'd settle to have
His friendship for life,
Than to have HIM as my lover
For just one night!

For now...I can only dream
About HIM and how he takes my breath away,
And how I could never tell HIM
The words that I long to say.
His sense of humor and sensitivity
Is what I've come to love,
He took my heart at first sight
He's the only man I could think of.
My feelings aren't unclear
But they are undefined,
I know I could never have HIM
And he could never be mine.
To feel his love and have HIM here
Would only make me scream,
I know, this is reality...
but...for Now...I can only dream!

Forbidden Love
by Ian Keightley

A love so difficult to express,
to say hello, I love you and a quick caress.
A forbidden love that is so strong,
how can one say this is so wrong.
A kiss that is so brief but tender,
I close my eyes and try to remember.
A skin that feels so soft to touch,
how can I love you this much?
A smile from you just sets me on fire,
and fills my heart with pure desire.
A moment with you should last forever,
It's been so long since we were together.
A love that has no time to spare,
that's the trouble with this affair.
A longing feeling when we part,
that leaves an aching in my heart.
A hope that we can soon be free,
to share the love between you and me.
A time to dream till next we kiss,
that is something I don't want to miss.
A lover and also my best friend,
I don't ever want this to end.

Hidden Love
by The mistress

I have kept you hidden for in other's eyes you are forbidden. For two years, we have reached for each others shadows deep within the night, making passionate love, sharing intimate desires and holding each other tight. You belong to her and I to him, we can't let go and never want it to end. We took some vows and it didn't work out, not everyone will understand what our love afair is all about. You came along and breathed new life in me at a time when I was lost and empty. We never knew it would turn to this, two years of love and happiness. We can't walk out of our marriage and homes, so deep in the night we continue to roam. I never meant to fall in love or to deceive anyone, but when I'm with you our body's, minds and souls become one. We continue to hold on tight whether wrong or right and cherish our love deep within the night. I will never ask of more than you can give to me, I'll sacrifice and live for each minute of estacy. Your more than a lover, your my best friend and I never want this affair to end.

Love Affair
by Anne Blake

I dream of you day and night
You are all thats on my mind
Its with you I want to spend my life
Without all these ties that bind

The life that I once knew is gone
Since I gazed into your eyes
But for now we have to go on
Living a life of lies

Our love will bring us happiness
Though others will only feel sorrow
Right now our love is put on hold
If only until tomorrow

The sadness that well cause to those
Who are in our lives right now
Is the hardest part of loving you
I hope theyll understand some how

For now we have to live this lie
And pretend our loves not real
I look forward to the day when I
Can say its only love for you I feel

Until then we have to steal the time
So we can be side-by-side
I only want to see the day
When we no longer have to hide

Right now our love is silent
Not known to anyone
How long will it remain a secret
When can our stolen times be done

I only want to tell the world
That I love you so
But for now it will be our secret
No one right now will know

In time well be able to spread the word
And let the whole world see
That we are now together
As was meant to be

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