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Here at Affairs Ltd we have been helping people find extramarital affairs since 2001. We are very well established and have built up a huge number of users. We started in the UK and have expanded worldwide. So wherever you live, you can find an affair near you.

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Infidelity News

Infidelity News Archive

TRACKING roving eyes A SIMPLE PLEA for reassurance -- You'd tell me, wouldn't you? -- is about all the discussion many couples can manage on the topic of marital infidelity.

Online Infidelity Becoming Virtual Epidemic ... La Sage started a Web site,, dedicated to understanding cyber infidelity. Now, he's learned that he wasn't alone. ...

SHOULD wives be porn police? ... When infidelity occurs, it destroys the marriage not only by causing hurt and humiliation, but by starving the marriage of attention, affection, and effort. ...

THOSE Cheating Hearts It's just about all the discussion many couples can manage on the topic of marital infidelity. That's one reason social scientists ..

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Affairs Fact

30% Of online relationships evolve into real-world affairs. A staggering nine out of ten women in relationships flirt with other men on a regular basis.

Affairs Fact

Studies find that more than one in five men do have an affair, at least once in their lives, and that women are now about as likely as men to cross the line.

Affairs Fact

In a survey 98 percent of men and 80 percent of women surveyed reported having a sexual fantasy about someone other than their partner at least once in the previous two months. Bet it's higher!

Affairs Fact

The chance of a married woman having an affair is highest within the first five years and falls off gradually with time. Men have two high-risk phases, one during the first five years of marriage and, the second, after the 20th year.

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