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Doctor at murder trial testifies on DuMonds injuries

LIBERTY, Mo.The day after Carol Shields fought for her life in a north Kansas City apartment, accused killer Wayne Du-Mond showed up at his doctors office with a scratched face and injuries to a shoulder and an elbow.

Someone suffocated Shields in her extramarital boyfriends apartment on Sept. 20, 2000. DNA samples taken from beneath her fingernails tied DuMond to her death.

Dr. Jerry Kirkland, who took the witness stand Friday on the fifth day of DuMonds first-degree murder trial, had been treating the castrated rapist for a "testosterone deficiency problem," he told jurors.

DuMond told the doctor he had injured himself in a fall down a flight of stairs, Kirkland said. "He had scratches on his face, swelling on his shoulder and elbow, and discoloration on the thigh," Kirkland testified.

Court began Friday with the assistant prosecuting attorney, Daniel White of Clay County, resting the states case.

Attorney Anthony Cardarella, who then opened DuMonds defense, was the one who put Kirkland on the stand. But the doctors testimony appeared to do as much to hurt the parolees case as it did to help it.

Before he finished questioning the doctor, Cardarella finally elicited the testimony that court observers had been waiting for. "What is your understanding as to whether Mr. DuMond has testicles?" Cardarella asked. "My understanding was that he did not," the doctor replied.

The testimony did not include any explanation about how Du-Mond lost his testicles, but those who have kept up with DuMonds life know he is the Arkansas man who raped a 17-year-old cheerleader from Forrest City in 1984. Someone castrated him before his 1985 trial.

DuMond moved north in 2000 after the Arkansas Post Prison Transfer Board released him to Missouri, the only state other than Arkansas that would accept him. Within weeks of DuMonds arrival in Missouri, Shields was dead. Cardarella opened DuMonds defense by attempting to shift suspicion for Carol Shields death to Mark Shields, her husband. He began by quoting a question Carol Shields had asked her friend Delores Buchanan eight months before Shields death. "Delores, what are they [police] going to do when they find my body, and I have a restraining order?" Cardarella said Carol Shields asked Buchanan. No one has testified that Shields ever sought court protection from her husband.

Cardarella told the jury the defense would show that Shields was afraid of her husband and had been planning for some time to leave him. "This [domestic abuse] was Carols only secret," Cardarella said.

In the witness chair, Buchanan recounted conversations she had with Shields about domestic abuse. "She had asked me questions because she knew I was a victim of spousal abuse," Buchanan said. "She wanted to know how difficult it was to be out on your own."

Cardarella called Don Klug, who is the ex-husband of Mark Shields current wife. Klug admitted calling investigators anonymously when his wife left him in May 2001 to accuse Mark Shields of murdering Carol Shields.

Klug told the jury he made the anonymous calls because he "didn't want to involve [his estranged] wife... and didn't trust the police."

Klug told investigators that his estranged wife told him Mark Shields suspected Carol Shields was having an affair. "Are you making up the stuff you're telling this jury?" Cardarella asked Klug. "It took me a long time to get over this," he said. "I don't want to be a thorn in Mark Shields side, but I've told you the truth here.

" I don't know for sure that Mark did kill her, "he admitted." I'm not God. "

DuMonds former employer returned to the stand Friday to tell that he and DuMond belonged to the same churchBeulah Landin Independence, Mo.

DuMond was allowed to move from his mothers home in Arkansas to Smithville, Mo., after he married a member of the Beulah Land church. Among the conditions of DuMonds parole was that he meet weekly with his parole officer. In testimony on Thursday, Missouri parole officer Robert Trotter said that on the day of the murder, DuMond, 54, told him that he was feeling ill with a stomach flu and probably wouldnt go to work that morning.

The prosecutor asked Dr. Kirkland if DuMond complained of the stomach flu when the doctor saw him Sept. 21, 2000.

" He didn't mention anything about it, " Kirkland said.

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