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How well do you know your husband?

Do you understand your husband well? is a question every wife should ask herself. To this most of them will reply "Oh yes I understand him perfectly, the problem is he is not able to understand me. This is a statement not to be believed, because if it were true there would not have been so many problems in families as there are now. Physically and mentally men and women are in two different planes. What we should try to investigate more is the emotional differences between spouses. There are circumstances were the actions of a husband seems to have no explanations at all and in such cases it is natural for the wife to feel uneasy about it. However a good wife who is able to identify emotionally with her husband is able to reduce the frequency and number of misunderstandings and fights at home.

I you were not aware of all this till now, don't fear. It is still not too late. The next time you talk to your husband, let him feel the difference.

Many women complain, "I always evaluate myself but my husband never does so, I do not know why". If you have the same complaint, then you have no idea about the mentality of men. As they grow from boys to men, they are trained not to express their feelings and never to show weakness, which is why they never rethink about anything.

The way men think can never be changed. If your husband does something wrong, the best way would be to lovingly make him understand that what he has done was wrong. In most cases, he is likely to accept his fault and make remedy for the same.

Women accept their faults easily and find it easier to say sorry. Men on the other hand never say sorry. This is another never ending complaint all wives have about their husbands. For those, here is the explanation. Men feel that to say sorry is like accepting defeat and being weak which is something they have been brought up to detest.

For this to change it will take years. Be patient and circumstances in life will make him change.

Women generally have the feeling that men are lazy and have nothing to do, never participating enough in the upbringing of the children and never lending a helping hand with household chores. This is a very wrong notion. Men are always subject to a lot of tension and mental strain. Failure in their job areas and sexual disappointments affect them very greatly. A good wife should try to understand this and avoid useless remarks like 'you are luckier than I am".

Some wives feel that men get more opportunities in life than them. Do you really feel this is true? There are so many avenues in which a woman can excel. She can be an excellent mother, a good wife, can develop good hobbies and can make her home the happiest place on earth. While men only have one field to excel - their job. Now that you are aware of this never go for unjust criticisms.

A husband and wife may never be able to agree on a topic, this is natural. If you feel your husband is not trying to understand your view, do not panic, it is not intentional.

Women are more sensitive while men are more practical. A wife who prepares food expects her husband to compliment the "special" dish she has prepared; while her husband feels that it is just a part of her duties. What more can be said. The best way out would be to try to understand each other more and adjust accordingly.

Another thing to be noted is the time you select for a conversation with your husband. It is usual for women to nag that their husbands never give ear to what they have to say. Now when is the time you select to talk to him? If it is when he is in a hurry to get to office in the morning then even to expect him to listen patiently is wrong. Instead try talking to him when he is relaxed and at home, for example during dinnertime. Watch and see the difference.

Some wives use sex as a weapon to control their husbands. They agree for sex only to get things done. This is not a good thing. Men are not playthings. They understand the mentality fast and this leads them to extramarital affairs and may take them to prostitutes or lead them to rape even their wives. Hence never use sex to solve problems. It is natural for men and women to expect compliments and praise from their spouse. However never think, "My husband will never compliment me then why should I do it". Remember that two wrongs can never make a right; it only ends up as a very big wrong. Men are more practical and rational hence praise never comes automatically from them. Using the right opportunity to praise them once in a while, this habit can slowly be cultivated in them. Try to make your married life happy and content and for this try to be more mature and practical in life.

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