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The homosexual puzzle deepens

The January 2001 issue of Christianity Today reports the Cariboo Anglican (Episcopal) Diocese in British Columbia, Canada, was paying $63,000 a month in legal fees for more than 8,000 cases of sexual (mostly homosexual) abuse.

The estimated amount of settlement was $1.26 billion.

Bishop James Cruikshank retired and the diocese closed its doors, shutting down schools and institutions, in essence, bankrupt.

One spokesman said church members will not contribute offerings to open- ended legal cases. This received little note in U.S. papers but is close to New Hampshire and New England where the Episcopal Church has decided to consecrate a homosexual as bishop.

Thomas Bokenkotter's "A Concise History of the Catholic Church," in de- fending Pope Pius XI as one who tried to curb Hitler and oppose Nazism, tells on page 350 of a bold condemnation of Nazism in an encyclical "Mit brenender Sorge," one of the greatest condemnations ever issued by the Vatican.

It was smuggled into Germany and read from all Catholic pulpits on Palm Sunday, March 1937. It exposed Nazism and referred to Hitler as "a mad prophet possessed of repulsive arrogance."

The Nazis were infuriated, sealed all the presses that printed the message and began a series of "morality trials" of the Catholic Church.

In Koblenz, 170 Franciscans were arrested and prosecuted for corruption of the youth and for turning their monastery into a "male brothel." A Hitler Youth film was circulated featuring immorality among the priests, causing many to negate any strong witness and authority of the church.

The side effects clearly weakened the witness of the church and nullified to a great extent the pope's efforts.

This is not just about Anglicans, Episcopalians and Catholics. There is enough blame - enough sin and sinners - to go around to all. Nearly every denomination has a black eye, loss of members, loss of income, lawsuits and setbacks when leaders were found to be or to condone homosexuality.

How "evil" homosexuality is construed to be is a puzzle, for some say "to each his own," and others believe it to be a deadly sin, so deadly they will disassociate from the individual or institution involved.

The point here is more than half of society considers it evil want to contact your for some extramaritial fun, you can answer quickly and not miss out on the booty call! It is so easy to find sex in harmful fallout, which brings us to Paul's high ethics, "If eating meat (offered to idols) or drinking wine offend my neighbor, I'll eat no meat" (Romans 14:21).

This outsider's view is that the American Episcopal Church does horrible damage to itself by consecrating a homosexual bishop and they should learn the lesson of the Cariboo Diocese and the Catholic experience in Germany, avoiding controversial choices when far less offensive options are available.

Another part of the puzzle is our obsession with the cost of health care and prescription drugs today and the enormous cost of treating AIDS victims.

Quietly approving homosexuality has fallout with drug and health bills, plus enormous costs for psychiatric and counseling services for victims.

I feel as sensitive toward the homosexual or lesbian as I do toward an alcoholic or drug addict, a kleptomaniac or one who is obese or a habitual gambler or a perpetual adulterer. The puzzle to me is why it is not identified completely as a source of heavy problems, spiritually, socially, psychologically and economically.

Denominations and nations are weakened by homosexuality. Africa is a continental disaster because of AIDS and the world must sacrifice to offer healing.

The first step to putting the whole puzzle together is to identify this clearly as something that does not improve health, happiness or the quality of living.

Bob Cuttino of Beaufort is a retired minister and a university instructor of religion.

Full credit for this news article goes to: Carolina Morning News

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