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House Sets Up Team to Probe Former MP Ndilinge's Death

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Extramarital Affairs News

House Sets Up Team to Probe Former MP Ndilinge's Death

Parliament yesterday passed a Motion to establish a select committee to investigate the death of former Kilome MP Tony Ndilinge.

And Health Minister Charity Ngilu claimed Former President Moi had threatened the family of the late legislator.

Ngilu claimed that during the funeral of the late Ndilinge at his Kasikeu home, the former President threatened the family saying this resulted in the death of Ndilinge's father.

"The late Ndilinge's father died because of the threats," Ngilu said before she was cut short by acting deputy speaker Samuel Poghisio who was on the chair.

Poghisio told Ngilu not to make unsubstantiated allegations against the former Head of State as he was not in the House.

But Ngilu persisted saying it was widely known that the Mr Moi threatened Ndilinge's family and this brought about the death of their father.

The minister said the late legislator had often said that his life was in danger but the former Government did nothing to ensure his safety.

"The Government did nothing because there was no way they could investigate themselves? We believed at the time the State was involved in the murder Ndilinge," she added.

Ngilu, however, criticised the composition of the select committee formed saying it did not have a national outlook.

She said many leaders in Ukambani had been murdered because of raising development matters, adding that during the former regimes, MPs were told to say that all was okay even when their constituents were dying of hunger.

Ngilu said it was a pity that the Government tried to link the late Ndilingeis killing to his affairs with women yet she knew him as an upright person.

She said it was for this reason that Ndilinge was married to three,women, adding it was wrong for the Government to have tried to link the killing with his alleged extra-marital affairs.

As a way of trying to find a scapegoat, she said, the Government arrested the two suspects who were later freed by the courts.

She said the State would ensure that the committee investigating tha death was accorded all the facilities it required to unearth the death of the late legislator.

She further said that those who committed the murder are sure to protect themselves by offering bribes to keep the committee from pinning them down.

Samburu East MP Sammy Leshore (Kanu) said there had been an attempt to assassinate him but he survived the incident following which he was confined to a wheel chair.

Leshore said in February 2000, former MPs Peter Maundu, Ronald Kiluta and Ndilinge informed him they had been told by someone their lives were in danger.

He said he had told the MPs to add his name to the list, and barely two weeks later, he was shot together with his colleague Mohammed Shidiye.

Leshore said a certain newspaper had reported that Maundu, Kiluta, Ndilinge, Kipruto Kirwa and himself would not see the next Parliament, adding that only him and Kirwa went on to be elected.

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