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Gene Simmons, aka "Mr. Smith"

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extramarital affairs news

Extramarital Affairs News

Names and faces

Dr. Love's White House Call

Gene Simmons, aka "Mr. Smith" -- his alias of choice during his recent Washington visit -- can't help it. It's in his blood (or is it the makeup?) to party every day; after all, he is the frontman of Kiss.

So what does a rocker like him do when he comes to dowdy old Washington?

Well, first he got his gig out of the way, dutifully opening for Aerosmith at MCI Center on Thursday night. But it's not all work and no play for the 54-year-old. Friday afternoon he morphed into a typical Washington visitor and went on a two-hour tour of the White House . . . yep, the heavy-metal icon is a Bush supporter. It's just too bad that he didn't get to meet the president.

After his White House drop-in, Simmons went straight to one of his favourite hangouts: Camelot nightclub. (Suddenly the Kiss lyric "You show us everything you've got" comes to mind.) And after two hours of partying, we're told, Simmons -- never one to disappoint and not live up to his reputation -- left with two buxom blondes on his arm.

Now that's a rock-and-roll lifestyle!

From Our Company to Yours

There are some perks when you're one of the few female directors of a ballet company. Legendary dancer Suzanne Farrell picked up a spiffy little trinket from Movado yesterday, when the watchmaker bestowed the former New York City Ballet star with a gem-studded necklace at a Kennedy Center luncheon, reports The Post's Sarah Kaufman.

The bling-bling -- rubies, diamonds and sapphires aligned in a graceful, patriotic swoop -- was a token from the sponsor of the upcoming Tchaikovsky Festival, in which the Suzanne Farrell Ballet will perform next week. Two copies of her necklace were donated to the center's gift shop (yours for a mere $1,995). The Movado sponsorship is a nice coup for Farrell's troupe: Two weeks ago the corporation withdrew its nearly 20-year support of American Ballet Theatre.

For Neil Bush, No Reservations

Even post-divorce, presidential kid brother Neil Bush's extramarital troubles continue. Reuters reports that Bush gave a DNA sample this week in connection with a lawsuit against his ex-wife, Sharon Bush, according to a lawyer for the former missus.

The former husband of Neil Bush's girlfriend, Maria Andrews, is suing Sharon Bush for allegedly charging that Maria's 2-year-old son was fathered by Bush, not Robert Andrews.

Meanwhile, a deposition taken in the Bush divorce proceedings last spring was made public yesterday, Reuters reports. In it, Neil, 48, admits that he had sex with several women while on trips to Asia several years ago. He said the women simply appeared at his hotel room door.

"Mr. Bush, you have to admit it's a pretty remarkable thing for a man just to go to a hotel room door and open it and have a woman standing there and have sex with her," Sharon Bush's lawyer said.

"It was very unusual," Bush agreed.

Noted . . .

MSNBC yesterday canceled "Buchanan and Press," which paired former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan with syndicated columnist Bill Press. Buchanan and Press will continue with the cable news network . . .

Country music star Glen Campbell was arrested (and released on bond) in Phoenix on Monday on grounds of extreme drunken driving and hit and run. Aggravated assault was added to the list when Campbell, 67, kneed a police sergeant in the thigh. "That's what alcohol addiction can do to people," his 18-year-old son, Shannon, told Reuters. "People should pray for him and any other people who have the same problem" . . .

Even though the Redskins -- and backup quarterback Tim Hasselbeck -- lost over the weekend, it wasn't all disappointment in the Hasselbeck family. His wife, Elisabeth, 26, of CBS's 2001 "Survivor: The Australian Outback" fame, was just named the next co-host for ABC's "The View."

Full credit for this news article goes to: Washington Post, DC

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