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Teflon President Pulls Another Houdini

Linda Tripp, a discredited name from the past want to contact your for some extramaritial fun, you can answer quickly and not miss out on the booty call! It is so easy to find sex in little news coverage, nominal fanfare and zero linkage to the Clintons thus far successful attempt to rewrite history, recently obtained a $595,000 settlement and a retroactive promotion with a higher pay grade. This undoubtedly will have a positive effect on her pension for years to come and all at taxpayers expense. I have no axe to grind with Linda Tripp. In fact in many ways she is a historical figure deserving of at least the same status with the right that the left bestowed on Daniel Ellsberg, for example.

If not for Linda Tripp the Clinton attack team would have succeeded in painting Monica Lewinsky as a lying psycho, or worse, and perhaps avoided impeachment. Despite her possession of incriminating taped conversations and the stained blue dress, the Clinton swat team still managed to marginalize her with selective leaks of confidential information.

Now, years later comes the settlement, much like the hundreds of thousands of dollars paid to Paula Jones. This time, however, it is John Q. Public footing the bill. The amorphous Department of Defense was the named defendant, but who was the only entity to benefit by embarrassing Linda Tripp? America simply refuses to connect the dots. Of course, it was the Clintons, not some unknown bureaucrats at the Pentagon. Once again they slipped through the tightening noose of unending scandals unscathed with the aid of a cooperating media, left-leaning spinmeisters and a cowardly white- gloved Republican Party, which would rather not deal with it than dirty their hands by setting the record straight.

There was a time when Americans could take pride in their leaders. We wanted to "win one for the Gipper." Now the option is "take it on the chin for the philanderer".

It is a never-ending pattern. Remember Craig Livingstone, the former saloon bouncer, who ends up at the White House in control of hundreds of raw FBI files. Yet there is not a calling to task as to how he got them, who hired him and why no one was ever held responsible for this obvious violation of law.

Why is it important today? Because the disgraceful, scandalous, even criminal behavior of the Clinton administration is being swept under the rug in the name of "moving on" and at the expense of educating the rising generation. To say nothing is to become an accessory to aiding and abetting the rewriting of history. I for one refuse to be such an accomplice.

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