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Suit against Taslima Nasreen

Renowned Bangladeshi novelist, Syed Shamsul Haq, filed a defamation suit yesterday against controversial feminist writer Taslima Nasrin for undermining his image by making 'obnoxious, false and ludicrous' remarks with regard to him in her recently published book "Ka."

The novelist has claimed a compensation of Tk 10 crore and sought for banning the book, published by "Chardeek," Banglabazar, Dhaka that sparked widespread controversy and criticism among the literary and intellectual circles in Bangladesh.

In his suit filed with the Joint District Judge, he has profusely quoted from the book, where Nasreen has claimed him as a close friend and depicted him a philanderer.

The controversial book published in September was partly reproduced by some newspapers in Dhaka triggering sensation among the litterateurs and intellectuals. The book is autobiography in nature in which Nasreen presented vividly her sexual life with her friends in the literary circle.

Taslima Nasreen, a medical graduate, was forced to leave the country in the face of widespread agitation by Muslim fundamentalists for profanity in her book "Lajja" (Shame), published from India in 1994, for sacrilege of the Holy Quran and the Prophet.

Commencing in 1990, they started a campaign against her, staging demonstrations and processions in the street. They broke into the newspaper offices where she used to write regularly, sued the editors and her publishers, and put her life in danger.

Full Credit For This Story Goes To: The Hindu

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